Faster Computer Guide – 5 Biggest Problems

October 18, 2016

Your computer runs slow, you know it should be faster; you do searches on your favourite search engine.You read endless forums post questions buy registry-cleaning software and yet your computer still runs slow!Bummer – I’m going to tell you what the problems are here and now.The registry holds reference to all the files on your computer, pictures WebPages, software and much more.Here’s the killer, when you delete the images, close the web browser down or delete files, the links remain in the registry.

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Problem 1
Now the registry tells the computer where everything is, so surely if the registry gets bigger, it will be slower to access! (Yes you got it).Problem 2
Many of these nice programs installed on your computer when you got it or you install yourself; give you shortcut icons down next to your clock, problem is – there using active system resources and doing nothing.Problem 3
Your computer has a search box you can access from the Start Menu, now really when was the last time you used it?Probably never, but it needs hard drive indexing to index files on your hard disk, this needs to keep updating and gives you a performance hit.Problem 4
There are processes on your system that run – some of them you may use, but many of them you will never use, so by disabling these running processes, yet again you free up more of your computer resources.

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Problem 5
Free Anti-Virus / Anti-Spyware programs just don’t cut it; you also need a firewall with traffic sniffing, not just port closing, intelligent proxy software with pattern match detection, to detect MSN chat file transfers, email, web pages running ActiveX and much more.This is what you need to fix…